The SPIRIT Project

SPIRIT aims to develop an “inspection skill” for robots that takes the step from programming of complex inspection tasks to configuring such tasks. This will substantially reduce the engineering costs when setting up inspection robots in industrial environments. The main result will be a software framework that consists of two parts.

The “offline framework” handles such the model-based automatic coverage planning for complex parts and various image-based inspection processes as well as the automatic robot program generation. It will include a generic interface to allow the easy exchange of process models (for different inspection technologies), of the CAD model of the part (for a different type of product to be inspected) or of the work-cell model (for a different kinematic structure).

The generic “inline framework” deals with sensor data mapping to transfer 2D image data to the 3D object model. It will provide the backbone for the real-time execution of the actual inspection process, including the synchronization of data acquisition and  robot motion.


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